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At Premium Air Conditioning Cleaning, we are serious about the health of your air conditioner. That is why we stand by our competitive pricing model. We want to offer all of our clients the best service at the right price because your health is invaluable.

When was the last time you thought about the health of your air conditioner or had it professionally cleaned for that matter?

We all know the benefits of breathing fresh air. However, in recent years researchers have pointed to indoor air pollution as one of the top dangers to people’s health. Couple this with the fact that we are spending more time than ever indoors (some estimates suggest approximately 90% of the day), the importance of having a healthy air conditioner quickly becomes evident.

Certainly, in this day and age, we have grown increasingly mindful of not becoming exposed to harmful contaminants when we’re out and about. But what about when we return home, a place that is meant to be a refuge from the troubles of the world? How many of us stop to think that our homes (and offices for that matter) could be making us sick?

‘Sick building syndrome’ (SBS) is a term coined to describe an excess of symptoms such as: skin irritation, sore eyes and throat, headaches, as well as drowsiness and a general state of irritancy. Doesn’t sound all that fun, right? That’s why it is so important to clean your air conditioner.

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner unit will remove harmful bacteria and mould build-up.

Your air conditioner can become your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to airborne fungal spores.

Air conditioners can be a breeding ground for harmful moulds such as Aspergillus. Responsible for some 600,000 deaths worldwide per year, this is the opposite of the type of fungi you want hanging around. 

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your air conditioner means you will be breathing fresh, healthy air all year round. Not only that, it will also ensure your unit is operating to its optimal level, cutting down on your power costs.

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